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Packaging Design & Prototyping

LPT Design and Prototyping

Do you need a newly-designed package? Do you need it fast? Do you need a thermoformed tray, an insert card, a pouch, a folding carton, and/or a shipping box? What is your need 5, 30, 60, or 500?

No worries. LIFE PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY LLC offers award-winning packaging design with a specialty in rapid prototyping and low volume production.

Research shows that drawings and descriptions cannot replicate the actual usage experience. A prototype will confirm the design, allow hands-on interaction, initiate feasibility testing, and ultimately provide the confidence to move to the low volume production phase and packaging system validation.

The sooner you get your product to market, the sooner you start earning your revenue. If it’s not you, it will be your competitor.

Our Packaging Design Services include . . .

  • Package design concepts and renderings—all industries
  • Die lines
  • Complete packaging system design, including materials identification and specification
  • Full packaging CAD drawings
  • CAD design services
  • Industry research for package design alternatives
  • Cross industry designs and leverage of packaging technologies

Our Rapid Prototyping/Low Volume Production Services include…

  • First article inspection reports, as well as certificates of conformance (including traceability) and packing slips for all low and high volume production orders
  • Thermoformed parts
  • Injection molded parts and containers
  • Structural packaging designs, utilizing our design table and CAD design software
  • Shippers
  • Folding cartons
  • Inserts
  • CAD cut and die cut mounting or backer cards-pouch inserts
  • Cushioning materials and designs
  • Pouches and bags of all materials compositions, including moisture and oxygen barrier substrates and sterile barrier designs compatible with the specified sterilization method
  • Sterile barrier packaging systems for provision of physical packaging integrity
  • Temperature controlled packaging
  • Film and blister heat sealing

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