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Packaging Consultation

LPT Packaging Consultation

What is the best way to package your product?

Ask a “box guy” and you’ll get a box. Ask a “bag gal” and you’ll get a bag. Ask LIFE PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY LLC and you will get an unbiased opinion on the best way to package your product based on our experience with hundreds of product packaging design, development, and implementation projects.

LPT manages your packaging project with one consistent objective: to follow a series of proven steps to develop a complete packaging system that’s the best for your product in the minimum amount of time. With LPT, be prepared to answer many questions, across multiple department lines. Information is our tool to make the best decisions. Nothing can happen until we begin the dialogue.

With 50+ years of packaging engineering industry experience, few can match our depth and breadth of packaging engineering expertise. We offer an unparalleled level of design, prototyping, technology, regulatory (FDA, EU, and international), and project management skills and knowledge for your program.

Our Consultation Services include . . .

  • Packaging failure mode and root cause analysis consultation
  • Package performance troubleshooting, such as sterile barrier failure for medical device and in vitro diagnostics
  • Shipping and distribution damage for all products
  • EU Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC, Annex II, Essential Requirements, EN 13427:2004 (Standard on Requirements for Use of European Standards in the Field of Packaging and Packaging Waste)
  • EN standards for packaging, series 868
  • Sustainable packaging designs which work to protect your product
  • Sustainability Consultation for ISO Standards Compliance as well corporate objectives
  • Anti-counterfeiting and product diversion consultation as it relates to packaging solutions
  • Thermal validations for packaging systems per custom profile or industry standards, such as ISTA 7E

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