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ISTA 7E Thermal Transport Packaging Certification

ISTA 7E Thermal Transport Packaging Certification has developed and is releasing a new standard for thermal transport testing, ISTA 7E.

The standard includes heat and cold profiles developed from data gathered in real world transport. All the lane data (thermal) and protocols on how data was gathered are available for purchase through

LIFE PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY LLC principals, Karen Greene and Stuart Long, have been selected by as independent, certified thermal transport auditors. LPT offers pre-audit training, in-person, on-site training and on-site laboratory audit and certification. LPT also provides thermal packaging design and development consulting services.

ISTA is offering a complete design and qualification process for insulated shipping containers, “Manual 20.” It is a comprehensive set of requirements to achieve a certified package according to ISTA 7E. The companion document, STN-0014, details specifics of audit requirements for thermal transport lab certification.

See the left sidebar of this page for information on how you can download our ISTA 7E Roadmap form by submitting your name and email.

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